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So I am nailing the buy nothing new challenge. It feels easy so far. I am sure there will be moments of weakness but so far, so good. I think stopping buying Grazia on a weekly basis has helped with the sporadic shopping. However!! The denim obsession is still very real. I even started looking at denim forecasts for 2019. Something I never thought I would do. I officially think I really do have enough denim to start a market stall now and you know what I might just do it.

A big surprise is that I have stuck to the other New Year changes I have been trying to make. I have been doing yoga every morning and it’s day 14 of a 40-day meditation challenge. Coffee hasn’t even touched my lips for almost three weeks. The quitting of dairy went horribly wrong yesterday with a scone with whipped cream and a hot chocolate (to replace what would have always been a mocha) came with whipped cream and marshmallows. Something (even though it has been pretty obvious I have quit dairy) my husband decided to order while I nipped to the loo. I wonder just how much attention he pays to the complex brain and actions of his wife!

There was a step forward in trying to live a more conscious life this week and it’s part of a plan to make some money (not a lot of money but I don’t want much, just enough to make sure I don’t have to worry about money). With all this Zero Hero fun it has got me thinking and the thought that I have been thinking is that I want to put on a Zero Waste Market – in fact a zero waste flea market that becomes an event for people to pop along to on a Sunday and one which includes vintage clothing, second hand clothing, school uniform swaps, eco-friendly products. But what’s more is I would like to team up with gardeners who will support people wanting to grow their own fruit and veg. I would like to have people there who can show others how to repair things they might otherwise just throw away. I need sellers who can show others how easy it is to find amazing things for your home in charity shops and at markets rather than go down the online shopping route. I would like the market to attract small businesses and local producers who aren’t using plastic packaging and who are producing goods in an eco-conscious way. I would like to have florists who sell locally grown flowers as opposed to buying flowers from the supermarket. Second hand book sellers would be ace. It’s not all about buying eco-friendly products, it’s got to be about repairing, recycling, reusing and sharing what we already have. That is my kind of zero waste and I think I am on to a good thing. It’s give me satisfaction, it make me feel like I am doing my bit and I love hunting down goodies in the charity shops. I used to love the flea markets in LA (and the sun!!) but there is absolutely no reason why we can’t have a great monthly market in our area (minus the sun!)

The market is the first step of a larger project but I am all about baby steps this year, little footprints, being kind to myself and being kind to the world around us. I would like to make a difference and help others at the same time.

The best thing about all of this is over the past couple of weeks, the past couple of months, I have found there are some soul sisters who want to do the same things and I think after running my company alone for the past three years I no longer want to go it alone. Working with wise women as a collective and trying to make a shift in the way we live while positively impacting the lives around us is a pretty mighty goal for this year. It’s hugely appealing and it’s a goal I am feeling really excited about achieving.

So if I throw it out there, there is no going back! 

If you have some cool things to sell, if you supply eco-conscious products or are a local producer and interested in having a stall at my first Zero Waste Flea Market, please get in touch. Cost of table is £20 and the first market will be held on the last Sunday of March… 


Tel. 07961 046715

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