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Pinch punch. First of the month

Happy New Year!

So 2019 has arrived and the Zero Hero Challenge starts today. I have truly managed to achieve stillness (not entirely my own doing as I have been absolutely floored for the past two days thanks to a horrible stomach bug).

Feeling rather empty and a little delirious so not quite what was planned for the New Year. I deleted my personal Facebook account last night as planned and then felt real fear abut what I might miss out on. I like seeing positive things on social media, I like seeing the latest TED talks and the mantras, affirmations that always seem to appear on a timely basis. What will I do without all of that connection as I sit tucked away in the hills? Hopefully not feel isolated! I realise when I lived further North and had nothing in common with those around me (or at least I had the feeling that I didn’t fit in) social media became a safe haven for reminding myself that they were plenty of people who were on my wavelength. For that I am really grateful but the truth is that as soon as we moved to where I see as being a much happier place it no longer served me well. In fact it did the opposite, it made me feel anxious and inferior. It made me question my choice to bring me children up in the countryside and in a simple, less cultured way. The truth is the kids are fine, they are wild and free and we can get some culture any time we like – we just need to make more of an effort to do so and that in itself creates more of an adventure and a break from day to day life. It’s all good.

After the initial panic of cutting the cord connecting me to the wider world through social media subsides I realise I just need to go back to old ways – I have signed up to TED Talks on email, I have a pile of books to read with plenty of inspiration, I have some great and good people in my life and I still have a phone and email so not totally unobtainable. It’s really not so bad, it will just take some getting used to.

The time that I will take back from not browsing social media will be put to good use. The plan is to focus on being here now, staying away from screens as much as possible, focusing on the kids and focusing on the things I can contribute to making their future great. I am not sure just how much time I was spending on Facebook. After deleting Instagram I spent more time on FB but it didn’t seem to make me feel as rubbish as Instagram. I don’t miss it a bit and I am sure deleting FB will be the same.

Now as for the Zero Hero challenge, day one will be easy as even getting out of bed is going to be a challenge. I have through the deletion of my FB account given up SOMETHING and reduced some of the time I waste. The way I see it is that I haven’t given something up but instead I have created more time to focus on the good things in life so even before I shakily crawl out of bed 2019 is off to a positive start. So this zero-waster is looking forward to the year ahead and wishing everyone an amazing 2019. Peace & Love xxxx


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