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Buy Nothing New Challenge Month Two and on the hunt for retro furniture sellers..

So February is upon us and for those who have completed dry January, Vegan-uary, whatever your thing was – well done!

I always find this time of year the hardest. I am ready for Spring and we still have a while to go. I have started growing things in our house and hoping that they survive and grow in readiness for when the temperature finally rises. For now everything is frozen and there is ice everywhere.

My buy nothing new challenge has gone well so far and is remarkably easy. Mainly because I have simply, eradicated the guilt that I feel from buying clothes that I don’t really need. I feel better about myself, while not putting too much pressure on myself to stick to all of these challenges. I think giving yourself a bit of a break sometimes is the best way to make positive changes. I have quit coffee and dairy but it’s ok if I do have some, I have been doing yoga every day but again it doesn’t matter if I miss a day. With this approach, having taken off the pressure, I have stuck to my goals and it’s been easy. It’s no big deal if I have a day I don’t want to stick to it but as the time goes on I no longer want coffee, I no longer want dairy – that said, I am randomly craving yoghurt, which is not something that I usually eat. But that too is ok.

January is so full of energy and motivation, I was unstoppable in January and then suddenly I realised that I hadn’t slowed down at all. Even though I wasn’t working on a project I still felt that every thing was non-stop. That just wasn’t the plan. The Zero Waste market is happening, my new business is happening, my second children’s book is in the final stages and I have ticked everything off my long list of actions. Now what? For me I think it is time to write and this is the start of this months writing. I want to lose myself in my stories and get some writing competition entries submitted. I have no expectation of winning anything but it is a prompt to get all the ideas written down. To remind myself that this is part of my balanced way of being for this year.

I want to embrace this down time and gather my strength for leading up to our first zero

waste market. It’s a lovely project that doesn’t feel like work. I am also working with the local Academy to build a marketing plan for their weekly food market. The young people involved in the market are just brilliant. It’s so inspiring to see their enthusiasm and, most of all, their way of thinking. I have smallish children who will likely go to the same school and if mine turn out the way some of the teenagers I have met of late then I will be very happy.

I am off now to try and find some furniture, houseplant and second hand booksellers for the market. If you know of any one please give me a shout at


Tel. 07961 046715

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