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Buy Nothing New Challenge Week 1 done!

But that’s not why I feel so empty…

So I have made it through a week of buying nothing new. I have, in fact, got rid of quite a lot of things. Not in a wasteful way but in a clearing way. Things I don’t need, things I haven’t used for a while and services and subscriptions that I can live without.

I am really feeling quite proud of myself. There have been a few panic moments, I have done some browsing for things, I haven’t however bought anything and that is an achievement in that I have got through week one of fifty-two weeks.

To be honest, I feel that what I am doing isn’t really a big deal. How can I call myself a HERO for doing something so insignificant? I think I need to do more than just not buy anything new. I think I need to look at how I can make a difference within my local community. What I am doing is a tiny part of what I can do to perhaps motivate others.

What I don’t want to do is promote people not buying from an already struggling economy. What if everyone stopped buying new things? Surely, that is defeating the purpose. What I am trying to do is go against the fast consumerism and constant desire to have more. What I am trying to do is go against our culture of growth and attainment. I don’t need more, I need to focus on what I have now and that doesn’t just mean clothes and things. That means making more time for my children, that means finding a way of earning a living doing something that truly benefits them and others. For me it is about doing something locally that allows me to be close to the kid’s school, doing something that allows me to stay connected with nature. I also know that I need, for my own wellbeing, to be around some like-minded, inspiring women. I need to get out of the house and socialise. I guess this is a particularly heightened desire after spending two weeks at home.

Thankfully, meditation has come back into my life, I think I have the lack of Facebook to thank for the extra time I have gained and I hope it is doing me good. Time will tell. Maybe I am losing my mind but there is one thing that is coming up for me every time I meditate (actually, when I think about it the image is with me constantly at present) - I am seeing myself in a walled garden. I know where the walled garden is I just don’t know how I can make money from being in that walled garden. Maybe it is the answer to this feeling of helplessness, this feeling of emptiness, this lack of hope? Maybe I can get a garden project going that benefits others and results in produce that can be shared locally. I am not the first person to try to do this. However, it’s not so much the food I am interested in. It’s what we can do in the garden, what we can bring to the garden, who we can bring to the garden! I know who I would like to work with. There is a brilliant organisation locally called MOO Food and I love what they are doing. I would love to work with them. Check them out

My mind is clear about wanting to create an event where people can resell, recycle and buy what they need but not necessarily buying new. How to make some money from doing something like is a whole other matter to address! Oh the ideas are endless and some times overwhelming. I know I can’t do it alone but I WILL do it!

I am feeling low and have a distinct lack of energy. My attitude isn’t great and I feel I need to do something more. Something more significant than sit up my hill in isolation. A brilliant TED Talk I need to watch again by a lovely lady called Barbara Sher is – “Isolation is the Dream Killer, not a bad attitude. It is definitely worth a watch!


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